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Updated November 2021

Funding for States Newsroom comes from individual contributions and institutional grants. We also encourage donors to contact their employers about the opportunity for matching gifts. Our supporters’ generosity allows us to provide high quality, nonpartisan reporting that connects people to state leaders and policies that affect their lives. If you would like to help us shine a light on state governments across the country, please make a tax-deductible contribution today.

Donations to States Newsroom and our affiliates support our journalistic mission but do not influence our editorial direction. We maintain a strict separation between our funding and our journalism. We don’t accept corporate donations or underwriting, nor do we accept donations from foreign governments or anonymous sources. 

Donors who have contributed more than $500 since States Newsroom launched as an independent 501(c)(3) in November 2019 include:

  • The 1610 Foundation
  • Susan Almy
  • Brian Anderson
  • Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation
  • Gayle Bartel
  • Maureen Beaman
  • Barbara and Rene Bollier
  • C. Bruce
  • L. Burdick
  • Katy and Don Burns
  • Audry & Andy Carter
  • Margaret Coolican
  • James Deal
  • Kristen Keely-Dinger and Jason Dinger
  • Patricia Farley
  • Fidelity Donor Advised Fund
  • Friends Fiduciary Donor Advised Fund
  • Gezellig Foundation
  • Al Goodwyn
  • Glenn Garneau and Sylvie Rueff
  • Google News Initiative Journalism Emergency Relief Fund
  • Halm Giving Fund
  • Jerry Harper
  • Mary Harwood
  • Peggy Hedberg
  • Paul Helgeson
  • Jay Himes
  • The Jane and William Hiscox Charitable Fund
  • Jeff Hunter & Janet Griffin
  • Barbara Kain
  • J. Karcis and J. Seward, AZ
  • Joy Koesten
  • Marlana Benzie-Lourey and Tony Lourey
  • Christopher Martin
  • JL Martin
  • The Pat Matre & Miriam Goldfein Donor Advised Fund, a Donor Advised Fund of Renaissance Charitable Foundation
  • G. McLean
  • David Murray
  • North Fund
  • Debbie Nuss
  • Kim Ode
  • Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association and the PNA Foundation
  • Piedmont Environmental Council and Coalition for Smarter Growth
  • L. Rainville and B. Schwartz
  • Kathleen Ralph
  • K. Reicks and J. Eukel
  • Schwartz Rainville Fund
  • Robert Shreck
  • David Sidney
  • Sirott-Reimel Change Agent Fund
  • T. Sissons
  • Sonjia Smith
  • Robert Stoldal
  • The Stillman Fund
  • Richard and Donna Tadler
  • The Wyss Foundation 
  • Thomas R. Brown Family Private Foundation
  • Undisclosed Virginia Foundation
  • W. Pete Welch
  • Zachary Whitten
  • Mary and George Wickham
  • Rip Wilson

In addition, States Newsroom and its affiliates have received more than 20,000 contributions of less than $500. 

States Newsroom’s 2020 990 is here; 2019 is here and available directly from the IRS here