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Trump’s fake electors: Here’s the full list

National democracy reporter Kira Lerner was the first to report on all 84 people who signed bogus documents claiming that Donald Trump won the 2020 election. The group includes dozens of local GOP leaders, seven current candidates for public office, eight current office holders and at least five previous state and federal office holders.

Image texted by Nebraska gubernatorial candidate Charles Herbster

Nebraska Examiner

Herbster was schmoozing with Trump team Jan. 5-6 as they detailed plans to overturn election

Nebraska Examiner reporter Aaron Sanderford analyzed more than 130 texts Charles Herbster, a leading Republican candidate for governor, exchanged with his campaign staff over a 25-hour period before, during and after protesters breached the Capitol. Herbster spent much of Jan. 5-6, 2021, with Trump’s inner circle, including his sons.

Jeff Tuttle for Kansas Reflector

Kansas Reflector

Autistic boy didn’t have to die, say jilted Kansas foster parents who had to bury him

In June, Kansas Reflector editor Sherman Smith wrote the heartbreaking story of a 6-year-old boy who died after being adopted out of his foster parents’ home by a couple who, child services were warned, were not ready to take care of a nonverbal autistic child. The story showed the lack of support within the child care system for children with special needs and for their caregivers. Legislators immediately called for accountability and by September created a new program to identify and answer questions surrounding the systemic failure to provide necessary care to Kansans with autism.

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Ohio Capital Journal

Nursing homes spent at least $6 million on Ohio politics in five years

Jake Zuckerman of Ohio Capital Journal looked at the political influence of nursing homes in the state by tracing the amount of money the industry makes in campaign donations to the lawmakers who decide on reimbursement rates.

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New Hampshire Bulletin

‘It’s such an impossible decision’: Fatal fetal diagnoses and the state’s abortion ban

For the New Hampshire Bulletin, Annmarie Timmins over time earned the trust of three women who then allowed her to tell the story of why and how they chose to have medical abortions because their babies suffered from fatal fetal diagnosis, an option that woud not be available to them if a new law goes into effect.

Keila Szpaller/Daily Montanan

Daily Montanan

UM law students: Dean, associate dean discouraged reports of sexual misconduct

Keila Szpaller of the Daily Montanan reported a series showing that a mayoral candidate, who was a law shamira school student in Missoula had likely raped and assaulted several female students. The dean and the associate dean discouraged them from reporting their assaults. After nearly nine months of reporting, the dean and associate dean resigned, and the series revealed Montana’s toxic university culture.