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Participants in the inaugural People’s Convening on Fines and Fees in NC played a game of “fines and fees roulette” to get a better sense of what it would be like to be charged with a crime and how the expenses add up. https://t.co/N0m0YOwBVz #EndCriminalJusticeDebtNC @ACLU_NC

There isn't a lot in @POTUS Trump's budget that @repmarkpocan loves, but here are a few of the things he dislikes the most reports @erikgunn


A handful of families returned to #Durham's #McDougaldTerrace over the weekend following extensive repairs. ICYMI, we recently sat down with @NCHConline's Samuel Gunter to discuss the disinvestment in public housing & NC's #affordablehousing needs: https://t.co/otupS3lks9 #ncpol

Veteran journalists @lisasorg and @NCDavidMenconi will discuss the State of Newspaper Journalism @ncbookfest on Saturday. Sorg and Menconi were kind enough to share a preview: https://t.co/jpeJM7U4BI Stop by @HQRaleigh Sat. (2/22) at noon. #ncpol #ncbooks #journalism #podcast

A woman’s journey to heroin recovery with a Sauk County approach that helped one woman who looked a doctor in the eye and said, "I’m a heroin addict, and if you don’t help me I’m going to die.”

A story by @KimLamoreaux1


A year ago VAWA expired and hasn't been renewed since. Wisconsin isn't doing well in this important area either -- and it's not just the sexual assault kit bill treatment doing victims of sexual violence a disservice reports @EviArthur