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Gideon asks Collins, of all the key votes she has taken, Kavanaugh, tax cuts, etc, which vote does she regret the most? Colins says she doesn't regret any, said Gideon misrepresented votes. #mepolitics

"I don't know anyone in the Senate that is not for protecting people with pre-existing conditions," says Sen. Susan Collins. Lotta folks in the Senate. Might be worth a fact check. #mepolitics

On campaign finance reform, things get tense. Savage says she disagrees with "taking tens of millions of dollars from outside Maine and running negative ads that are frankly bad for children to see." #mepolitics

Gideon on seniority: "If Collins becomes appropriations chair, it means McConnell still is majority leader...when we think about the lack of progress on lowering the cost of prescription drugs, on more COVID relief, these things Susan Collins is not able to get done." #mepolitics

Collins and Gideon in agreement on infrastructure, need for more investment that includes rural broadband. #mepolitics

Savage: "I don’t think we can afford to not to public transportation in a big way...we have a lot of money in this country, we just need better budget priorities.” #mepolitics

Q: Would you contest outcome in court if you win plurality but lose in final ranked-choice tabulation. All candidates say they support RCV outcome. #mepolitics

A man in a Trump mask and Titans hat just screamed at a Biden supporter that vice-presidential candidate a “bitch” and a “POS.” “I was a Democrat until Obama came along.”

Savage says Medicare for all is her top priority, "will meet with anyone" who is also interested in that goal. #mepolitics

Collins asked why she still supports McConnell if he's not holding vote on COVID relief: "I’m not going to agree with any leader all of the time but I don’t hesitate to make my disagreement known." #mepolitics

“The conservative movement has built up a tremendous infrastructure in the state,” says @jamandell
He and @douglaspoland and @theMelBarnes plan to counter that.


At 15th Avenue, there’s another crowd of Trump supporters on one side and a small group of Biden supporters on the other. President Trump is en route now from downtown and motorcade will pass.

Kansas small businesses still in need after depletion of CARES Act aid — about 4,000 small businesses across the state applied for but did not receive a working capital grant. | via @NoahTaborda https://t.co/MHz1wQNCaB

“I’m thinking of taking a bite out of your cow’s butt,” says this gentleman to a group from PETA. The cow he refers to is a person in a cow suit.

Gage, with Trump flag, and his wife Deanne came from West Tennessee. “He supports Christians, he supports the first and second amendment,” said Deanne. “We think he was sent from God.”

At the intersection of Magnolia and Belmont Boulevards in Nashville, four groups have organized a rally to protest Donald Trump’s arrival for the debate.

Progressive law firm @lawfwd founded to ‘reverse assaults on democracy’

@jamandell @douglaspoland plan to tackle voter suppression and redistricting and be a counterweight to @WILawLiberty
By @rconniff
@russfeingold @barbaralawton @theMelBarnes


The life cycle of an absentee ballot

1.5 million #Wisconsin voters have already requested absentee ballots and more than one million of those ballots have already been returned to municipal clerks.


Great presentation by Tom Jensen of @ppppolls at today's Crucial Conversation forecasting the national and state races in the final days of this election cycle. Thanks to Tom and all who participated. Remember: Early voting in NC runs through October 31. #ncpol #ncga

COVID-19 has overwhelmed contact tracers in Wisconsin.

Public Health Madison & Dane County has shifted to the “crisis model” of contact tracing.

@DHSWI, @PublicHealthMDC @GWpublichealth