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Opinion: Max McCoy (@authormaxmccoy) on how Kansas lawmakers’ reliance on "personal responsibility" poisons the well of public health. https://t.co/bulQ1INC7R

Hospitals and clinics in Kansas, which were struggling to pay employees and stay above water financially before COVID-19, were buoyed by millions of dollars in Payment Protection Program loans. https://t.co/f6EVQaCCXV

Native American activists say violence against indigenous people is being overlooked by federal authorities who are more interested in a politically charged crackdown on civil rights protests. https://t.co/5G8CukRFVC

Opinion: @JimOgle of Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area (@ffnha) on why Kansans should face our unflattering past. https://t.co/brQPhK1neX

Kansas State University and the University of Kansas will greet 50,000 students returning to their campuses with diverging COVID-19 testing strategies. https://t.co/avzpbZeLUL

Montgomery Co. is withdrawing its order forcing private & parochial schools to keep their doors shuttered until at least Oct. 1. County health officer urges those schools to stick with distance learning for as long as possible. Story coming

Opinion editor @cjjanovy closes out primary week by congratulating all of the Kansas Republicans who have already won in November. https://t.co/vnnl2wi7B4