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Kansas health secretary says the first wave of COVID-19 isn’t over, and the spread of the virus is shifting from large metropolitan areas into more rural communities. | via @sherman_news https://t.co/Ce4fFFZn1z

Former Topekan Kevin Young (@Deardarkness) to lead the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History & Culture @NMAAHC. | via @TimVCarpenter https://t.co/oytAtjITEj

Former U.S. AG @EricHolder to testify on #Wisconsin redistricting
maps Thursday evening

Info here on how you can watch the first public hearing of the People's Maps Commission created by @GovEvers


How the Right seeks to lock down the U.S. Supreme Court to use it as a shield and sword against progressive action

Column by @russfeingold and @MULaw student​ Ali Mahmood


Could climate change make Wisconsin more vulnerable to large wildfires in the future due to more frequent droughts?

An eerie glimpse of the future climate change is driving us towards:


Opinion: A huge majority of Kansans support some access to abortion — this is not an extremist position, writes Anita Parsa (@LeaveCrosscheck). https://t.co/U1XyfFICTN

Biden says he’ll support election outcome, but Trump urges supporters to "watch very carefully." | via @lauraolson https://t.co/GNcD2ERDsO

Yes -- the presidential debate included a debate over masks

Why is this political? And can you guess which candidate took which side? Of course you can. But here's more:


Iowa Senate Democratic challenger @GreenfieldIowa rolled up to a Des Moines union in her Chevy Nova on Tuesday and shared her personal story behind her car. https://t.co/abEFgIIIsp

People -- this isn't just a refusal to denounce white supremacists -- the president of the United States encouraged them to "stand by" and to go to the polls and, by implication, intimidate voters.

By @ArianaLFigueroa

What accepting the election says about each candidate gets to the heart of the choices this election.

Biden says he’ll support election outcome but Trump urges supporters to ‘watch very carefully’

By @lauraolson