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Editor-in-Chief Jim Small

The Arizona Mirror strives to tell untold stories, amplify the voices of Arizonans whose stories are unheard, shine a light on the relationships between people, power and policy, and hold public officials to account. We view news as a vital community service, and are supported by the generosity of those who believe an informed Arizona is a better Arizona.

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Editor-in-Chief Susan Greene

The Colorado Independent is a statewide online news source operating in a time when spin is plentiful, but factual, fair and unflinching news in the public interest is all too rare. Our award-winning team of veteran investigative and explanatory reporters and news columnists aims to amplify the voices of Coloradans whose stories are unheard, shine light on the relationships between people, power and policy, and hold public officials to account. We strive to report the news with context, social conscience, and soul, and to give Coloradans the insight they need to promote conversation, understanding and progress in this square, swing state we call home.

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Editor-in-Chief Diane Rado

Reporters in many now-shrunken capital bureaus have to spend most of their time these days chasing around after more and more outrageous political behavior, and too many don’t have time to lift up emerging innovative ideas or report on the people who are trying to help solve problems and shift policy for a more compassionate world. The Florida Phoenix does those stories.

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Editor-in-Chief John McCosh

The Georgia Recorder brings a fresh perspective to coverage of the state’s biggest issues and the communities we care about. Most traditional news organizations now lack the resources to do much more than chase the political outrage of the day, so proposals to shape Georgia’s approach to health care, public schools, community development and other essential ingredients for a good quality-of-life don’t receive the attention they warrant. The Georgia Recorder aims to remedy that.

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Director Mike Tipping

Editor Lauren McCauley

Maine Beacon is a website and podcast created by the Maine People’s Alliance to highlight the experiences of everyday Mainers, share information about the political and policy processes that affect Maine people and promote a progressive worldview based on community, fairness and investing in the future. We’re proud to feature rigorous reporting, political analysis and smart, progressive voices from across the state.

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Editor-in-Chief Josh Kurtz

Years ago, healthy competition for news out of Annapolis and across the state produced robust coverage. But the media landscape has changed. Papers have closed. Suburban bureaus have shut down. Reporting staffs have shrunk. Coverage of state and local news has all but disappeared. Maryland Matters seeks to fill the void with original reporting and commentary.

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Editor-in-Chief Susan Demas

The Michigan Advance features in-depth stories, blog posts and social media updates, as well as top-notch progressive commentary. We wholeheartedly believe that journalists have the biggest impact by reporting close to home, explaining what’s happening in our state and communities — and why. Michigan has hundreds fewer reporters than just a couple decades ago. The result is too many stories falling through the cracks.

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Editor-in-Chief Hugh Jackson

Nevada Current seeks to:

  • Demonstrate how policies, institutions and systems make life harder for Nevadans than it needs to be;
  • Document how things got that way, and;
  • Explore what it might take to fix them.
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Director Rob Schofield

NC Policy Watch, generates a large and steady flow of timely, accurate and hard-hitting commentaries, analysis and news reports that inform elected officials, advocates, the media and the public at-large. With a team of four veteran, full-time reporters dedicated to covering state government, the project is one of North Carolina’s most important news outlets and generates hundreds of original news stories each year. Our blog, The Progressive Pulse, is one of North Carolina’s busiest and important interactive policy websites

Editor-in-Chief John Micek

The Pennsylvania Capital-Star is dedicated to honest and aggressive coverage of state government, politics and policy.

The nearly 13 million people who call the commonwealth home depend on their interests being safeguarded by one of the nation’s largest, most expensive, and often inefficient and corrupt full-time state legislatures. At a time with regrettably fewer eyes on Harrisburg, the Pennsylvania Capital-Star holds the powerful to account and amplifies the stories of the powerless.

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Editor-in-Chief Robert Zullo

From the push to remove Confederate statues to big shifts in healthcare and energy policy, the Old Dominion is changing. The Virginia Mercury aims to bring a fresh perspective to coverage of the state’s biggest issues. We feature original and guest commentary on a range of topics and are staffed full-time by four veteran Virginia newspaper journalists.

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Editor-in-Chief Ruth Conniff

The Wisconsin Examiner offers investigative reporting and daily coverage dedicated to the public interest. In Wisconsin’s great progressive tradition, we aim to hold the powerful accountable to the people, follow the money, and dig out the truth.

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